Matthew P Slade was born in Buckinghamshire in 1975 and studied in Graphic
Design and then completed a HND in Technical Illustration & Design at Anglia
University. Where he developed some fine artistry skills essential in order to accurately
create the images that were drifting around his subconscious.

Matt has been developing a large variety of artworks in various mediums and
exploring digital manipulation and photography to arrive at bizarre concepts that
will question your perception. With a strong focus on patterns in nature and
fractal geometry, Matt has combined these elements with the human form to
produce a series of figurative pieces that are truely unique.

Many of his Artworks and Design pieces have been displayed
around the Globe in Magazine and Galleries.

Matt is also the creator of a funky lighting company called 'Obelights' where he has
merged some fo his Ultra High Resolution Contemporary Artworks into
fine Acrylic Tube Lamps with a difference.
Complete with Remote Controlled Colour Bulbs that allows the user to
interact with colour spectrum of the artwork to create some intriguing
changes and effects with lovely atmospherics.

Visit the Obelights website for full selection of Designs, Videos & Photos

matt slade history


Fractalization within nature has always challenged our visual sight and that
of any machine we have created in order to find a definitive start or end of scale.
As everything is created and composed within naturally formed
fractals which replicate and evolve to almost infinity.
Inspired by the Fibonacci Sequences and their integral relationship to
nature and all its formations which the ancient Greeks founded. Also the Platonic
Shapes with there control over growth symmetry and form in all scales.
Matt's work is heavily influenced by these organic laws in nature and he has
focused on their elements of geometry and symmetry to create a
alternative vision in imagery as well as sound.

Art Commissions considered and Design work accepted.
Email me with all the details.



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